Developing the future

We act with the conviction that renewable energies are the present and the future and that we can develop projects that are sustainable, environmentally compatible and profitable.


Each project is unique. The systematic and planned implementation of all project stages guarantees optimal results.

Site Selection / Land Contracting

The correct choice of site determines the economic success of the wind farm. A wind farm’s production of electricity is determined by the amount of wind energy on the site. The wind energy is defined by its speed and density.

But it is not only the wind condition that is key for the best site: the impacts for the inhabitants (acoustic, landscape) and for the local flora and fauna and the environment in general are integral parts of a site evaluation. Potential conflicts can thus be recognized and mitigated at an early stage.

That is why we always develop our projects in close collaboration and participation with the landowners, the farmers and all local partners.

You are landowner,farmer, elected municipal officer or a citizen who wants to promote renewable energy in your area? ? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always looking for new projects.

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Development Process

éolec coordinates the development process through all its stages

  • Presentation of the concept to the mayors and town councils
  • Communication with landowners and farmer
  • Feasibility and impact studies ;
  • Concertation with the public
  • Coordination with authorities
  • Completion and submission of application files
  • Public Enquiry coordination and follow-up


éolec coordinates the constructions process through all its stages

  • Selection of turbines and negotiation with manufacturer
  • Coordination of the construction-related studies (eg soil study)
  • Tender process for infrastructure works (eg. access roads, electrical cabling)
  • Construction
    • Cables
    • Access roads, crane platforms
    • Foundations
    • Turbine installation
    • Commissioning of the wind farm


éolec performs the commercial and technical operation


  • Cash management
  • Reporting to banks and investors
  • Communication with local partners
  • Accounting


  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Site inspections
  • Performance monitoring
  • Optimization
  • Dismantling
  • Repowering

About eolec

Since two decades we develop renewable energy projects in France from our headquarters in Paris.