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We act with the conviction that renewable energies are the present and the future and that we can develop projects that are sustainable, environmentally compatible and profitable.


More than 30 years ago, Dr Alexander Jäger-Bloh erected his first wind turbine in the region of Hannover / Germany. A few years later he founded the main companies of what is known today as the deanGruppe, which includes eolec.



alexander jaeger bloh

Dr. Alexander Jäger-Bloh 

Alexander Jäger-Bloh was influenced by the peace movement of the late 1970s. He actively refused military service and set up a small organic farm with like-minded people. The Chernobyl accident persuaded him not to develop agriculture further and to devote himself full-time to his profession as a veterinarian. Renewable energies interested him early on. More than 30 years ago he succeeded, together with his wife and another partner, in installing the first wind turbine in Neustadt. At the end of the 1990s, he threw himself wholeheartedly into the renewable energy adventure, gave up his profession as a veterinarian and founded the main companies of the present group. As the necessary equity capital was lacking at the time, it took a great deal of imagination and personal commitment to set up these companies.


Alexander Jäger-Bloh always had a lot of ideas and committed himself wholeheartedly to the goals he was convinced of, with all his strength, perseverance and enthusiasm. He did not mince his words when necessary and usually convinced those who did not think like him with the best arguments.


As an entrepreneur, business partner and leader, he was always fair, generous and much appreciated. His humorous interventions often made us laugh.


He played a certain pioneering role in the industry, full of passion and conviction and committed to using the energies of nature for the good of all.


In recent months, the war in the Ukraine and the signs of climate change, which can no longer be ignored, have preoccupied him and have not let him go - he wanted to continue to work for the transformation of our energy supply and our social structures.


Alexander Jäger-Bloh was the heart and driving force behind the deanGruppe and éolec, and he led these companies with dynamism and passion until his sudden death on 28 October 2022, which came as a great shock to everyone.


éolec will continue in the same direction and with the same goals.



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