“Wind power is addictive”

“The construction and operation of wind turbines is a link to the forces of nature. Forces, that we regard with respect and consideration. We harvest wind power, and it thrills us again and again every day.” Dr. Alexander Jäger-Bloh


Renewable energy works with the forces of nature. Successful projects start off with excitement. Our foundations are competence, personal commitment, and many years of experience in our industry. Get to know our team.


Dr. Alexander Jäger-Bloh

Dr. Alexander Jäger-Bloh

Executive director

More than 20 years ago, Alexander built his first wind turbine. At that time, he was still a full-time veterinarian and a part-time farmer. With his vision of a necessary sustainable energy supply, Alexander began to focus exclusively on the expansion of wind power and later solar energy. With success: deanGruppe has meanwhile realized more than 70 projects. Alexander is the founder, driving force, and heart of deanGruppe and éolec : a committed and dedicated pioneer of renewable energy who uses the power of wind (and sun) to discover new horizons – with climate and environmental aspects  always in clear focus.


Ulrich Schmall

General Director

Ulrich Schmall has 20+ years in renewable energies along the entire value chain of a project. Ulrich has extensive experience in developing and financing European renewable transactions and has worked on the project development as well as equity and debt structuring for wind and photovoltaic transactions. Before joining éolec and deanGruppe in 2012, he worked for 10 years at Deutsche Bank on principal investments in renewable energies. Since 2020 he is acting as General Director for éolec. Ulrich holds a Diploma (Masters equivalent) in industrial engineering from Karlsruhe University.


Anne de Montvalon

Project Manager / Chef de projet

With a degree in applied foreign languages (LEA English-German) and 20 years of professional experience, Anne joined éolec in 2010 to be responsible for the administrative and commercial management and to support the development of projects. As project manager, she is in charge of communication and collaboration with local stakeholders, administration and engineering offices, as well as coordination and management of the permitting process.


Antoine Farrando

Project Manager / Chef de projet

After studying law and working several years in the asset management sector, Antoine co-founded and became a partner of Eolfi, a company dedicated to the creation of investor holding companies, in 2004. In 2006, he created Windfees, a company specialising in the development and financing of renewable energy projects, in particular the installation of solar water heaters and photovoltaic panels in the French overseas departments and regions. Since 2008, Antoine has been developing wind energy projects for éolec or in partnership with deanGruppe.

About eolec

Since two decades we develop renewable energy projects in France from our headquarters in Paris.